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How to apply teak sealer to your furniture

In this short video we show you the basics of applying teak sealer to your furniture. For further information, see below:

Garden Furniture Woodsealer instructions

1) The wood should be free from paint, varnish, oil & grease. New, or newly sanded oily woods such as teak are best left to weather before applying Woodsealer. Dirty surfaces can be sanded or treated with Burgess Garden Furniture & Decking Cleaner.
2) The wood need not be dry when Woodsealer is applied but must be allowed to dry after application.
3) For best results work in sections, shake the container well, spray on to wood and with a lint free cloth wipe woodsealer on evenly and generously. If preferred apply directly with a brush.
4) Two coats are sufficient applied wet on wet- drying time is approximately 15 minutes.
5) Unwanted drips and spills should be quickly wiped away with a wet cloth.
6) Clean wet brushes, spills etc with water-oncedry - with petrol or cellulose thinners once dry.

Health & Safety 

Burgess Hydrosol Garden Woodsealer is low-toxic and non flammable but please keep it away from unsupervised children. Do not allow to pollute ponds or waterways. Unlikely to irritate skin. If sensitive, use a barrier cream or rubber gloves. Wash hands with soap and water after use. Keep sealed and frost free. Safe for air transport.

Q: Should I treat my garden table?

A: Many people wonder whether they should treat their garden furniture or not. Treatment can prevent surface cracks and maintain the natural colours in the wood but it is not required to maintain the structure. Hard woods naturally weather and can be left outdoors for many years and be as strong as the day they first went out.

Q: Do you offer trade discounts on your garden furniture sets?

A: Yes we can offer trade discounts on our Patio Garden Furniture, the amount of discount we could offer would come down to how much, how often and which items it is that you are interested in. If you are a customer who would want a particular item time after time, we could look at an agreed price for that item or if you were interested in ordering 1 large bulk order we could look at a bulk order discount. What sort of discount we could offer would simply be down to what product and our stock levels. If you wish to discuss your requirements and any other questions in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01726817848.

Q: Can i buy garden chairs individually?

A: If you are interested in a Garden Chair only then this is not a problem, although when our Patio-GardenFurniture chairs are bought as part of a Patio set we can offer a discount, we are aware that some customers only require an individual chair. If you click on 'Garden Chairs' this will bring up the 5 categories under which we sell our Garden Chairs; Garden Chairs, Garden Loungers, Garden Steamers, Bistro Chairs, Wicker Chairs. Within these categories you will be able to see all the details on our whole range of garden seating that we at Patio Garden Furniture Stock. The majority of these items can be delivered within 48 hrs of the order being placed.

Q: Do your garden furniture benches come assembled?

A: With our Teak Garden Benches we import them flat packed. This means they arrives un-assembled in 4 pieces, 2 x sides, 1 x Back and 1 x Seat. The actually assembly is very straight forward and we have instructions available for clear guidance in the assembly of our new Teak Garden Bench. However, if you would like to have your new bench delivered assembled, we can offer Patio Garden Furnitures' assembly service. We can assemble the bench and have it delivered, this would be charged at a standard rate of £30 charge per bench. At times we have delivered Teak benches with engraved plaques which we have also fixed on for our customers, as an extra bonus.

Q: How long will it take for my teak bench to be engraved?

Here at Patio-Garden Furniture we offer 2 kinds of engraving. We have our hand carved traditional engraving which is directly onto the Teak Bench itself, or the alternative of an engraved Brass or Steel plaque which can be attached to the Teak Bench. With our hand carved engraving, this is done by our own 'in-house' carpenter. We advise that for a standard message: Example: "In Loving Memory of Auntie Rose 1927-2009" this would take approx 2 weeks and would cost £4 per letter (35 letters) Total £140. This leadtime is an estimate and we aim to have the engraving completed by 5-6 working days. The engraved plaques are different as these are contracted out to our local engravers. We ask for a leadtime of 12 working days for the plaque to arrive with us and then we can send onto yourselves. Prices are down to amount of letters and sizes of plaques. Prices start from 4” x 2” £45.00 or 6” x 2” £50.00.

Q: Can I wash the Parasol Canopy?

A: The parasol canopy which is on all our wooden garden parasols is able to be removed and wash in a washing machine.  The covers are all Teflon coated which means that they should not require much washing but the option is there.  
All you need to do is:

  • Unhook the parasol canopy from the wooden arms/struts.
  • One by one remove the 4 (Square), 6 (Hexagonal) or 8 (Octagonal) corners of the canopy.
  • Unscrew the wooden finnial, and remove the whole canopy.
  • Wash on a cool machine wash.
  • Dry naturally.
  • Replace onto wooden parasol frame.
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